The Rise Of The CXO

June 8, 2017

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What is a CXO you might ask?

Don’t worry I didn’t know either until I saw it on someone’s LinkedIn profile and did a little investigating…

Now I realise that this newly established board level role is an integral part of the business, especially in times of digital transformation.

This person sits alongside the CTO, CDO, CEO and CFO etc. but what do they actually do?


A CXO (Chief Experience Officer) is another addition to the C-level managers along with the CDO which is also relatively new. A CXO’s main responsibility is for the overall user experience across an organisations products and its services with further interactions with marketing, community relations, internal relations, investor relations and various other communications around the organisation and its audiences.

This role has been becoming more familiar over recent years due to the growth, and continuing growth of the ‘on-the-go consumers’, and companies want to put customer experience at the front of the discussion, this is what is making this role quickly become a more important role within an organisation.


A CXO has responsibility for the corporate leadership of UX (user experience) strategy, ultimately meaning to over-see the progression of the UX team, driving them to create the perfect or most ideal user interaction, with its products and services, making them accessible, easy to use & to not create frustration. This includes providing the management with creative reviews and concept development with the latest designs produced for products or the latest tweaks to their services.

A CXO also has another vital role within an organisation, and that is the protection of the companies IP (intellectual property). This is done either by copyrights, trademarks and patents that exclude other organisations from using any inventions, designs, images or symbols that are primarily associated with the company.


In order for a CXO to produce results that can greatly affect the organisation they must follow these three steps

1) Understand their users, business model and current/emerging technology.

2) How their product/services can be improved.

3) Maintain an evolving plan of action.

In order for these steps to be executed effectively, the CXO will need to create & conduct a strategic research initiative (design research framework) for conducting user research to see the analytics of what their consumers want, to result in enhanced user experience. The next step will be to analyse research findings and define objectives. A strategic map is produced as a result and in collaboration with other areas of the business including marketing & technology, an improvement plan and organisational design TOM (target operating model) is developed.

The final stage to this plan is to present your findings to the whole organisation to ensure the importance of user experience is understood by every employee, they will also need to understand potential changes to their products, services & business model. This will of course, include the senior management team so that the ideas can be filtered down.

The CXO would then need to constantly keep his/her eye on the market, and their customers needs in order to continually update the organisations UX strategy, to keep ahead-of-the-curve. In such a fast-moving industry such as tech, this is imperative.


Those who take on the job of a CXO tend to have come from a user experience background and will have worked their way up through the ranks thus understanding user experience at every level enabling them to understand the need of improving customer experience and interactions across multiple platforms.

Think of Facebook without a CXO or UX team, and how different it would be. Would it still have the same impact that it does today? Think of Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and of course… Linkedin.


Does your business have the need for a CXO? Are you taking user experience seriously enough?

Whatever your answer to these questions are, we would love to hear from you to see if we can help or advise in any way –

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“If the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work”-Susan Dray – International UX Expert