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Corporate Responsibility

SOLA delivers all business activities with an approach that supports the cultural, social and environmental concerns of its clients and candidates.

Corporate social responsibility is not an add-on to our business; it is fundamental to our values and our actions – and to the performance of our organisation. SOLA understands the importance of taking responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of our business and are committed to continually improving on performance in both areas. Our commercial success is dependent on sustaining and building our group through recognising these wider responsibilities.

SOLA recognises that our day-to-day activities impact on the environment in both positive and negative ways. We aim to minimise harmful effects whenever we can and will work to securer business benefit from environmental protection through continuous improvement programme. Respect for the environment is fundamental to assuring a sustainable future.

SOLA has embarked on a group-wide programme to improve our environmental performance, to set policies and targets and implement management systems to monitor and measure our performance, Our first step has been to agree an overarching environmental policy.

The policy sets our approach to environmental management. Effective implementation of this policy represents an opportunity to improve SOLA’S performance by reducing environmental risks and impacts and increasing the efficiency of our operations.

SOLA currently has two charities which it sponsors directly, Cancer Research and Save The Children. SOLA also encourages staff to take part in individual fundraising activities and since 2005 our employees have raised money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Comic Relief, Children in Need, the RNLI, Cancer Research and the Anthony Nolan trust to name a few.