Hire the best sales & tech talent, at home or overseas

Global expansion

We help you grow internationally by building and supporting the right team, removing risk in foreign jurisdictions.

Tech & sales recruitment

We identify dynamic permanent or contract talent for you through our deep industry expertise and extensive candidate networks.

IT transformation

We build high-quality, multi-functional teams, including niche technical contractors, to drive your digital transformation projects. 

Mitigate the risk when growing your team

In today’s competitive landscape, losing out on the best candidates or contractors is a serious issue. Whether you’re expanding abroad, running a transformation project, or are a fast-growing tech player, the challenges are the same. Finding and attracting top talent fast is paramount.

Failing to do so could have a disastrous impact on your growth plans.

SOLA’s bespoke service will help you find the best talent

Draw on our deep expertise

We have strong relationships with a deep network of dynamic talent. This lets us identify and secure high calibre people who would otherwise not be available on the open market.

If we have to look further afield, our consultants will go the extra mile to find the right individuals for your business quickly and effectively.

Whether you are looking to fill permanent roles or find highly skilled contractors for short-term projects, we're here to help.

Rely on a trusted partner

We become an extension of your organisation, making sure we understand your needs, ethos, and culture to build the strongest team possible.

We will support you through each stage of your growth, partnering for the long term and taking care of any obstacles so you can focus on growing.

Hit your targets faster

With the right team in place, hitting your numbers and deadlines is a lot easier. And the sooner that team is up and running, the sooner you’ll reach those targets.

We dig in quickly, developing a strategic plan to achieve your goals and then work diligently to find the right people to meet them.

We know what it takes to help companies grow

Since 2005, SOLA has partnered with and supported great companies looking to expand.

We have helped hundreds of organisations, from startups to large enterprises; working with them to build solid teams and becoming their trusted partner to deliver growth.

How we work with you

Group 381

Discovery call

We listen to your goals, plans, and challenges.
We build a picture of your priorities, talent requirements, key stakeholders and decision-makers, and desired timeline.

Group 380


Working with you, we assess what we learned during discovery and clarify your requirements, identifying your success goals and mapping out the best approach to achieving them.

Group 379

Strategic gameplan

We establish a roadmap to achieve what your business requires. We'll lay out a plan to find the right people for your project, whether that's growing your current team, building a transformation programme, or expanding overseas.

Group 378


We undertake a deep dive familiarisation of your organisation so we really understand your culture and values. This allows us to represent you to candidates in the best light. We deliver on the gameplan we've developed, helping you achieve your vision. 
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