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The SOLAarc Incubator: the alternative to PEO, EoR, or a foreign subsidiary.

Ready to launch overseas?

Agile tech companies with funding and ambition to disrupt global markets are always in a hurry. Yet moving beyond their domestic market into new overseas territories creates challenges.

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How do you find and hire foreign employees?
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How do you pay and support foreign staff?
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How can you be compliant with foreign employment laws?
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How do you safeguard your IP created by overseas employees?

Identify, hire, employ, and manage overseas talent

SOLAarc Incubator accelerates your expansion plans by securing the best local talent to drive your growth. It is a business expansion solution, enabling you to launch overseas without the cost, complexity, and delay of a subsidiary. We help you find and hire the right people. We make sure they are onboarded, paid, and supported.

The SOLAarc Incubator is a Virtual Subsidiary, curated for you by SOLA: a gateway, enabling you to expand overseas without the cost and risk of a traditional subsidiary company. ​We are a final stage evolution beyond any PEO and EoR. SOLAarc Incubator provides benefits they cannot within a unique legal construct that eliminates risk.

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After 5 years with SOLA as an Incubatee, the time came for me to be transferred to a local company. A huge thank you to the entire team at SOLA; it was a very worthwhile journey. Thanks for your guidance, support, and cooperation. SOLA was like a home for me, and everyone was very cooperative in helping me make the journey from Dubai to the UK.

Zulqarnain Ali Shah
Incubatee, SOLA
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As a candidate, I would highly recommend the SOLA Incubator. I felt extremely supported by the team at SOLA when I was the first "boots on the ground" at Sendbird UK and the person tasked with the growth and day-to-day management of the EMEA revenue function. Incubation gave me the security of a UK employer: a UK employment contract, payroll processing, benefits and HR support.

Leigh Cohen
Former Head of Sales EMEA, Sendbird
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The SOLA team has been extremely responsive to me and my employees. I have appreciated how thorough and how committed you are to helping make the employee experience extremely positive. Your knowledge has helped us to be more competitive in the UK, and we can now offer the team brand new insurance plans.
Karen Chernoff
VP of People, Blueshift
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SOLA represented Sendbird in the best light possible, which has had a great return on the calibre of candidates. Those individuals have been wonderful hires. Without reservation, I would highly recommend working with SOLA Incubator.

Justin Smith
Former VP Sales & Customer Success, Sendbird
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How does SOLAarc Incubator work?

Our consultants draw on their deep knowledge of local employment landscapes and extensive networks to identify and engage top local talent.

  • We establish a “virtual subsidiary" for you, with locally compliant employment contracts and benefit structures to employ that talent. Those new hires are welcomed into an environment that mirrors your own and are fully supported by our team.

  • The SOLAarc Incubator differs from traditional EoR/PEO services in that it creates a contractual trust between you and SOLA. Your employees and assets are held temporarily in trust for you and wholly transferred to you when you are ready to set up your own entity. Your IP is automatically transmitted to you continuously throughout the incubation. You avoid the risks of co-employment and the costs of having a local subsidiary while preserving all the value.

  • It is an end-to-end solution tailored precisely to your needs for as long as you choose before setting up on your own.

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    Incubator Virtual Subsidiary

    Incubator delivers to the client: international data protection law compliance; employee intellectual property; local law compliant employee management; and privacy shield expertise.

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    Work for the benefit of the client, delivering company growth, intellectual property, confidentiality and non-compete privacy law consent. All via the Virtual Subsidiary.

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    US Tech Client

    Authorises SOLA as the sole local employer and provides salary and benefits funding, employee information and funding for incubation.
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    Incubator Virtual Subsidiary

    Incubator provides: talent sourcing and management; payroll and benefits; employment rights and HR support; taxation obligations; health & safety and insurance; and office infrastructure.

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SOLAarc Incubator benefits

Incubation benefits


SOLAarc Incubator vs. PEO & EoR


Requirement SOLAarc Incubator PEO EoR
Manage foreign payroll and associated local taxation
Manage local employment benefits compliance
Manage local law vacation entitlement
Manage local law compliant expense reimbursement
Managing performance improvement, misconduct, redundancy, and termination
Basic HR functions
Manage compliancy with collective agreement regulations
Enables a parent company to operate in a foreign country without a foreign legal entity and with zero foreign legal risk
Search, attract, and incubate overseas talent
Enables the parent company to avoid foreign tax registration and foreign tax risk
Full foreign law compliance guaranteed (sick pay, parental laws entitlement, holiday entitlement, visa necessities)
Local regulation compliant background checks, candidate screening, and personnel risk management
Parent company owns all of the Intellectual Property created by the foreign worker
Multi-Country intellectual property rights held in trust for the parent company
Local employment contract compliant with foreign law and fully protective of the parent company
Compliance with foreign human resources law and norms to protect the parent company
For all legal dimensions of the local market—a foreign virtual subsidiary exclusively responsible for risk mitigation and control
Sole employer of overseas talent that guarantees a continuity of employment transfer to your new, local, analogue subsidiary
No co-employment, no secondment = no risk of being sued by a foreign employee under foreign regulation or law
Fully replaces a local legal entity
Advanced Local HR functions (e.g., health & safety, visa support, hybrid working regulations, performance improvement, compliant transfer to your subsidiary etc.)
Guaranteed protection from all employee foreign litigation