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Dec 03, 2021 Daniel Broome

Recruiting a remote team in the UK from overseas - how we make it happen

Taking positive action to grow your business and expand into new markets overseas has always been a big step, and in the current climate, it presents further challenges. International travel is likely to be impossible for the foreseeable future, so if you are a US-based company setting up a branch in the UK or EU, you’re likely going to need a UK-based partner who can manage the logistical side for you. 

Here’s how SOLA Group helps businesses like yours get ahead of the competition and achieve overseas expansion (while remote working).

Sourcing and recruiting top-talent

Recruitment can be a slow process, especially when you’re doing it all from a distance. If you’re considering approaching a PEO to help you with your overseas expansion, you should bear in mind that most won’t offer a recruitment service – and even if they do, they will likely be outsourcing this to a third party. Rory Harpur, Sales Manager at SOLA Group explains:

"A PEO will usually partner up with someone and outsource the service which means the process might not be as thorough or carefully executed as an in-house recruitment service."

SOLA Group has the advantage of a network of high-calibre individuals we can connect you with, saving you hours of time going through applications and resumes. We get to know your business and conduct interviews for you, either in person or over a video call. Daniel Broome, Principal Consultant at SOLA Group, shares how this looks in practical terms:

"We keep you informed through the whole process with regularly scheduled update calls. We pull together a shortlist of candidates and screen them before offering you short videos for you to select who you would like to invite for an individual video interview. We offer this through our own video platform, or alternatively a video panel interview with all the relevant stakeholders within your business."

Once you have decided on the right candidate, SOLA Group handles the offer and acceptance stage, beginning the onboarding process for you. We get the applicant set up and ready to hit the ground running from day one. All logistical and regulatory requirements are taken care of for you.

All the practical work involved in setting up a team in the UK can be taken care of for you by SOLA Group. Everything from getting contracts delivered and signed quickly, to organizing laptop set up and shipment – we ensure your induction programme is delivered for you by our UK-based team. 

We keep things consistent for you by assigning you the same account manager to take care of all your needs throughout the process so that your expansion into the UK goes as smoothly as possible for complete visibility and peace of mind.

The regulatory factor can be a big concern for many COOs: how can you keep a sense of your organization's ethos and continuity of service, while also adhering to local laws? SOLA is experienced with establishing companies in a range of different settings abroad – such as the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Ireland – so we will have worked with similar organizations to your own, in a range of settings. As Daniel Broome explains:

"From the operational side, not only have our clients got a mechanism and a framework that is compliant, and they know about any regulatory issues, they've also got a human to talk to and a team of people to talk to in the UK."

Helping your team to feel more connected

Giving UK and EU-based staff access to the HR and management systems and support they need during their working hours will also help reduce any feelings of anxiety they may be experiencing in the current climate. As the “glue” between the established team and the new employee/s, SOLA is able to provide whatever each individual needs, and in the same/similar time zone as your new recruits.

As the world adjusts to working from home, teams of colleagues will also be feeling the need to reach out to each other via instant messaging channels. Being in the same time zone not only means your sales and engineering teams can operate on a practical level, but they have the contact and support that they need on a human level. 

Research suggests that people are more productive and creative when working in a team, so anything that can be done to create a collaborative culture will have a positive impact. 

The UK Government has advised that there will be periods of less stringent measures than those currently in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. When that time comes, people will be craving human contact more than ever before – so if colleagues know they can meet each other face-to-face to socialize, it will be hugely beneficial for morale. 

Growth and complete peace of mind, all under one umbrella

Our priority is to help your business grow while meeting regulatory compliance and providing a positive experience for your new recruits and your existing team. 

SOLA takes on your team’s ethos, values and mission and translates it into a UK or EU setting. This protects your brand, yet enables your people to get what they need, wherever they are. 

If you know expanding your business abroad is the best thing you can do right now, but need support to get started, SOLA Group can help.

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Published by Daniel Broome December 3, 2021
Daniel Broome

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