25 top-tier digital transformation executives placed fast

How SOLA quickly provided tech talent for Mubadala to build its technology infrastructure

What did success look like?

Beating Mubadala Development Company's tight timeframe, SOLA mobilised, hired, and onboarded 25 senior tech staff. The executives were sourced from every corner of the globe, and SOLA took control of the entire administrative burden, ensuring staff had visas and accommodation and were paid on time and compliantly. 

The 25 employees SOLA found spearheaded Mubadala Development Company's digital transformation and contributed to it becoming the company it is today—a global leader with $284 billion in assets under management.

Providing talent for one of the world’s most forward-thinking investment companies

Mubadala works with some of the world's leading companies. However, it needed to modernise its own internal IT function from top to bottom and build its own data centre to provide its clients with the highest level of service. 

And it needed the best talent from across the planet to do so.

The company’s Chief Technology Officer contacted SOLA to help quickly identify the most highly-skilled workers on the global market and bring them to Dubai.

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Securing the future of an entire country

Mubadala’s mission is to invest in innovative growth businesses to secure the future the UAE. It is particularly interested in high-tech projects contributing to the country's net-zero ambitions as part of a sustainable planet. 

Possibly the most emblematic of these projects is Masdar City, one of the world’s most sustainable urban communities. The low-carbon development is dedicated to research, clean, tech, and business and has a residential neighbourhood with restaurants, shops, and public green spaces. 

The wealth fund also invests in the futuristic company Injazat, whose mission is to maximise the power of technology in critical sectors such as healthcare, smart cities, and cyber defence.

SOLA's approach

SOLA understood that to deliver on projects such as Masdar and Injazat, Mubadala needed to find, hire, and onboard talent in very short timeframes.

Specifically, the investment fund needed 25 senior tech staff, including programme managers, tech architects, developers, and project managers, to transform its internal technology function..

SOLA used the network of top talent it had cultivated over many years to attract and hire employees. If SOLA’s experienced consultants did not personally know the right person for the job, the company used its vast knowledge of digital transformation and the tech industry to find that person. And it did this very quickly. 

Mubadala – in a league of its own

The Mubadala Development Company is a sovereign wealth fund run by its only shareholder, the government of Abu Dhabi. Established in 2002, its philosophy was influenced by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who wanted a stable and dignified life for the people of this country. 

With offices in Abu Dhabi, London, New York, and San Francisco and investments in over 50 countries, the company invests locally and internationally to diversify the United Arab Emirates' economy and smooth the transition to a post-oil economy.


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Download a PDF copy and learn more about how how SOLA quickly provided tech talent for Mubadala to build its technology infrastructure.

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