An ideal candidate pipeline for Nakheel delivered with a 100% success rate.

SOLA’s fast and thorough executive search strategy for senior appointments.

What did success look like?

100% successful
delivery rate
Senior executives - directors, programme managers, project managers, business analysts, and management consultants
1 week - a complete team
sourced and delivered
Fully implemented - tech transformation strategy, PMO, governance programme

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Future-proofing their business with tech

Nakheel’s two overarching goals were to guarantee customer satisfaction and future-proof the business—both reliant on world-class technology.

However, to achieve these objectives, the company needed to find an expert team to take the digital transformation to the next level.

And they—literally—needed to do this by the following Monday.


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SOLA’s Approach

After initial discussions and diagnoses, SOLA designed a detailed scope and project plan.

SOLA leaders visited Sendbird's offices in the US for a deep dive into the company's purpose, mission, vision and values as well as the key drivers for success.

From that work, the SOLA team developed an employee value proposition to help them present Sendbird to prospective candidates. And a strategic gameplan and timeline were agreed.

SOLAarc IncubatorTM Solution

SOLA deployed its SOLAarc Incubator solution, creating a "virtual subsidiary" to support Sendbird’s EMEA expansion. This included:

1. Talent identification
SOLA drew on its deep sector knowledge, executive search expertise, and extensive candidate networks to identify, entice and hire exceptional local talent, incubated within a Virtual Subsidiary for Sendbird.
2. Tailored employment lifecycle & infrastructure support
Onboarding, compliant employment contracts, policies & processes, fully managed payroll & expenses, benefits management, employer insurances, background screening, HR support, employee performance management, and off-boarding.
3. Compliance with local employment laws and regulations
The Virtual Subsidiary was legally compliant across employment contracts, management taxation and benefits. It removed candidate doubts about working for a US HQ business and positively appealed to key hires. And it provided data & IP protection for Sendbird.
4. Path to exit
SOLA worked closely with all Sendbird’s stakeholders to facilitate a seamless transfer of incubated employees into a true UK Sendbird subsidiary, without loss of continuity of employment.

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About our partner

Dubai-based Nakheel owns 30% of the emirate’s land. Ever since the visionaries imagined what Dubai could be, Nakheel has been at the forefront of physically transforming that vision into a reality. 

The mega-developer has a huge portfolio of unique residential, retail, hospitality, and leisure projects, making Dubai the international city it is today. It develops facilities for Emiratis, residents, and tourists, including perhaps the most iconic development in the world—the Palm Jumeirah.

But Nakheel does not only develop sites; it also manages all the support infrastructure for its communities—all the services functioning on its land, from garbage collection to traffic lights. It ensures that these services work faultlessly, as its goal is to provide the highest possible quality of life to everyone who live and work there.