SOLA Group

Looking to expand your business rapidly into the UK and Europe without setting up a Subsidiary or Affiliate Company?

Want to hire the most exciting new sales talent to drive your expansion forwards?

The SOLAarc IncubatorTM service accelerates your expansion plans and your ROI by securing and levering the best local talent to kick off your UK growth, without the need to have an incorporated entity, staffed by local employees.

The service allows your business to achieve proof of concept in a new territory without the commitment of setting up a local entity. Like any incubator – the SOLAarc IncubatorTM is a safe and controlled environment which provides your new growth the best chances of maturing into a fully developed, self-sufficient part of your overall business.

The SOLAarc IncubatorTM is Your Virtual Subsidiary. A fully functioning unit managed by you and staffed for you but without the cost of a foreign start-up.

Step 1: Talent Identification

Secure world-class, local talent to drive your expansion forward.

Your first hires are essential to the success of your expansion and the speed you achieve ROI.

They need to be passionate, driven, self starters that can take your existing culture and inject it into your new business territory.

Our experienced team engage with your key players to understand the values that underpin your business and the key drivers to your success. We understand what great looks like to you, then identify and engage top local employees for you in this mould.

We utilize our in-depth understanding of the local employment landscape and walk you through the whole process, providing insight into your chosen market with salary benchmarking and competitor analysis. Our technology solutions provide a seamless hiring process across geography and time zones.

Step 2: Talent Incubation:

Now your start-up team is secured they need to be maintained and nurtured locally. The SOLAarc IncubatorTM provides a legally compliant local employment solution to “incubate” this team through a “Virtual” Subsidiary (with you as the Holding Company), until you are ready to establish your business in the local market. This Virtual Subsidiary has Legal Status in its Territory. It is registered for Employee Taxation and for the payment of Employee Benefits. A single facility with Accounting, HR, Legal and IP Protection capability all rolled into one. The Virtual Subsidiary is comprised of a range of “Virtual Departments” to facilitate the employment of local staff with minimal effort to your business.