My Story – Dominic Gooch

June 19, 2017

When I first started out in recruitment a few years ago I was given the choice between cyber/InfoSec or infrastructure recruitment. After a solid time of researching both areas I chose security without any hesitation.

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I had obviously seen news updates on ‘cyber attacks’ and ‘hacking’ but didn’t realise how big and important this particular market was and is. What really excited me was the opportunity to be part of an exciting, challenging and forever evolving industry. I guess cyber security has been around since computers were born but with constant threats from hackers it’s only going to become bigger and a key part of evolution, not just with tech but with people.

In a selfish and logical way I saw security as a market that will keep me busy and (hopefully) keep me in a successful and rewarding career. I can’t see security slowing down and I certainly can’t see security becoming a topic to put ‘at the bottom of the list’. In my first year I learnt so much from speaking to various candidates and clients who made me aware how vast the security industry is and how many different technologies are used. The areas of cyber security involve Information security policies, risk assessments, IT audits, viruses & malware’s, Passwords (check out my colleagues article on password ignorance HERE), patch management, vendor management, information security training, incident response & crises management and that’s just naming a few!

Admittedly like with anything it takes time to build trust and solid relationships so it was a tough year but well worth it in the end. To this day I am still learning which is another reason why I love the security industry. Candidates and clients speak passionately about the industry and also share market knowledge and market frustrations. It’s a small industry but I kinda like that, feels like a big family defending against the bad guys (as cheesy as that sounds). I feel I’m doing my bit by supplying various clients with top talent that are essentially looking after us, whether that be our infrastructure or our personal data. I have a real passion for helping candidates find their ideal job and building relationships with them long after initial contact. The same goes with clients; it’s a great feeling knowing I’ve played a key part in their business by growing and developing their teams.

How did you find yourself in cyber security market? Comment your story below.

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