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May 18, 2017

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Recruitment today is a crowded marketplace. Recruiter bashing is at an all-time high. To survive and thrive as a recruitment consultant in today’s world you need to be prepared to offer more than just bum’s on seats, and you need to offer it for free… Or do we?

Let me give you an example of where I have recently worked outside of the standard ‘recruitment parameters’.

The MD of a Global Software Development company contacted me looking to grow his business. He recognised he was too engrossed in the day to day business to take a step back and look at it strategically.

I met with him for what we thought was a standard “pick up a new role” meeting. At this meeting it became apparent that his current challenges went way beyond sourcing new heads. After listening to his challenges and yearly plans I went away and put together for him the following:

·        Full resource plan

·        New internal commission scheme

·        3 immediate candidates from my extensive network

·        Job specs written for all roles

I did all this without any additional charges above the already agreed recruitment commercials.

Sometimes being so engrossed in your business can have both positive and negative impacts. In these situations, it’s great for us to be able to offer help and advice to C and D Level execs wanting to grow their business. Often it’s an outsider’s view which can make all the difference.

Working in such a saturated, mature market we have to continually find ways to separate ourselves from the competition. The above represents just one of the ways we do this.

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